The Lens-man in Me- A Photo Blog

This is a series of photo essays about what's uncommonly "common" in the world around me. My name is John and I try to uncover stories from places and events less known and noticed. I watch, I ask and I take it all in as I photograph to discover something new, thought-provoking, and hopefully enriching. 
The Philippines is an archipelago that is highly regional in terms of customs and traditions. To illustrate this diversity, there are 2 official languages: Filipino (Tagalog) and English, 6 other major languages, and at least 120 other languages dialects in use. Moreover, it is a country that belongs to the developing world where economic development is concentrated in the biggest cities and unevenly distributed despite a relatively high literacy rate (UNESCO 2017: 96.3% vs Singapore's 96.8%). I grew up in Metro Manila (the country's capital composed of 16 cities) and my environment, even in the provinces I've traveled to, was always defined by a mindset and an imaginary bubble I find myself belonging. Hence, to a large degree, I'm as much a student of my country as the next person living in their "own world," segment of society or corner of the world.
My hope is that as I develop the series, the stories I tell about trivial but "diverse" life in the Philippines and beyond will resonate with its readers. ​​​​​​​
You may reach me at: 0977-4228406