If you can shoot with a TLR, you can shoot with maybe anything.

After seeing the history of Nikon online, fond memories of my first camera as a child came to mind. It was a black film SLR. The camera was a Nikon FE, a hand-me-down from an uncle. So I thought it would be awesome to find and own my original camera. After some research and failed bids on eBay I got my hands on a mint black FE2, an upgraded version of the Nikon FE. This post will mark my shift back to film photography. It was a rather slow re-learning process but I finally got my workflow set from shooting, selecting a lab to develop film, and scanning the film to digital, the most cumbersome step in the process.

It may be worth noting that it wasn't until I read a book then about photography entitled: "The Complete Kodak Book of Photography" that I started to understand what I was doing from exposure, composition, and understanding the tools of photography. Soon after the shutterbug bit. Years go by and I still relish photography, even more so today.

Allow me to introduce the newest members of my photography family.

Brother's collection. Fast forward today 2017, I have a small collection myself.

The mother of all Folding cameras: Zeiss Ikon Super in 120. Also mint but also difficult to shoot...

Nikon FE2 with a MD15 Motor drive attached.

Nikon F100 Film camera with a battery grip. Other than the fact it shoots film, this is arguably the most advanced film camera Nikon has made. Therefore camera functions would be very similar to a modern DSLR.

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