Lanterns everywhere hung on wooden structures.

In the heart of Makati City lies a small slice of Japan aptly called Little Tokyo. It's maybe about 2,000 square meters of restaurants with a garden plaza at the center that offers al fresco dining by some of the surrounding Japanese establishments. Once you walk through the long entranceway you are greeted with wooden structures, garden patches, and Japanese-inspired paper lanterns and other colorful lights and fabric. I've been to Little Tokyo maybe 5 times and it's usually filled with Japanese diners in white shirts with sake or Asahi beer on one hand and either chopsticks or a cigarette on the other. In Manila, where there are foreigners, you have a few women too. Physically, preference for women is perhaps "mestizas" or those with more Caucasian features than Malay. At least that's what I observe. I have to add that "escorts" are usually seen at the entrance and not necessarily dining inside.
Since the entire place is really a dining destination with the exception of maybe 1-2 establishments: a club/bar and Japanese grocery, my photos reflected that. Cuisine here is authentic and traditional Japanese. None of that fusion variety. You'll typically spend P600 (low-end) person or approx. US$ 13.00. This time, as with my last visit there, I dined at Hana for Takoyaki and Urameshi-ya for Japanese barbecue/ grill or Yakiniku. What was different in this instance was the volume of Non-Japanese or Filipino diners and a long queue. Unfortunately, the place is so busy you can't make a reservation in advance. The Buffet style Japanese charcoal grill includes among others: wagyu cubes, scallops and large shrimp dipped in chili-garlic soy sauce. From the miso soup to saki, this is a place that will really satisfy even very discerning palettes.
Here are photos to give you a glimpse of the scene that evening. Shot with my nifty fifty (Nikkor 50mm/1.4g).​​​​​​​

Takoyaki Balls

Mother and daughter enjoying the grill.

If you like scallops you'll love it here.

Melt in your mouth wagyu cubes.

After the cook. There is a buffet time limit of 45mins and the coal is timed to die then.

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