Empty offices along Ayala Ave.

Governments' action to the pandemic was swift. In a matter of weeks after recognizing the developing contagion from the novel virus, stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines were imposed on a global scale. This meant limited movement in the community. In the National Capital Region of the Philippines, one person can leave a household to buy food and essentials. All businesses are closed apart from supermarkets, public markets, pharmacies, and health services. Some bank locations remained open since the service is deemed essential. 
There are a handful of food outlets that are still open for business but for take-outs and delivery only.
In Makati City's central business district and nearby communities, these photographs document life in the city devoid of the trappings of corporate life. Some of the scenes are as close to seeing the city in an alternate universe.
Second article in my lockdown series.

Poof! no more cars and buses.

Seeing a food delivery boom...

4 Food Pandas and a Lalamove in one intersection.

Perhaps the best proof of how insanity on social media translates into real insanity. Toilet paper run.

If you're delivery is late, the "traffic excuse" is lamer than ever.

If illegal drag races are still the a thing. everywhere is a racing strip.

Barricades everywhere.

A meter-gapped line outside a supermarket to ensure a light crowd inside- one of many social distancing guidelines.

Just when I thought I've seen it all... 2 soldiers in a tiny scooter.

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