Notice the snaking line for a Taxi.

Nothing makes my eyes roll more than heavy traffic. It just drives the WAZE App mad endlessly rerouting and pinging delays on your ETA.
Here are scenes of BGC, Taguig City, and the Business District of Makati City in the thick of the rush hour traffic!
All images were shot with my Fujifilm X-T10 which I carry along constantly as not to miss potential (life and death) stories like this. I find that shooting in full manual is still better than shooting with Auto-ISO activated. Full-on manual just allows me to optimize image quality minimizing Noise especially in very low-light scenes. Any camera especially one with less than a Full-frame sensor will struggle to capture fine detail at night. AF performance was however splendid on the Fujifilm X-T10 despite focusing in low-light.​​​​​​​

This was a hurried shot. I couldn't fix focus properly. Still think it's interesting...

Shot at ISO 3200 with some Makati buildings in the background.

Packed E.D.S.A. Circumferential Road that stretches 23.8KM or 14.8MI around Greater Manila (Metro Manila).

Scene in a major terminal (of public transport commuters). Friday is dress-down day at the Makati business district.

Auto-ISO at 6400 not good.

Don't particularly like waking shots but this one is panned somewhat so gives it a 3 Dimensional look. ISO 6400.

Auto-ISO 6400, jpg, details are smudged at 100% magnification.

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