Cartillas or Delivery Carts (jim Dandy's)

Divisoria in old Manila (part of Chinatown) is known as a bargain area for everything you can imagine and then some. The place is particularly known and frequented by extreme bargain hunters for retail. There's a side of Divisoria however that is not known to many. This largely unknown side of Divi deals mostly with small businesses or small to medium enterprises (SME's). If you think my earlier posts were gritty this place takes the cake. Don't be fooled by the surroundings though, the place is awash with money, big money (play the apprentice theme song: "money-money-money!") Banks are everywhere in Metro Manila but there's no place I've been to where I can find anywhere from 5-10 banks offices/ branches in every street block.
And yes this was shot on Film using a late film camera: Nikon F100 (see my prior post). The film noise is amplified because I shot an ASA 200 film at ASA 800 (pushed). Film: Fuji Superia 200 pushed to ASA 800 and scanned to digital with an Epson V800.

Dropped like a sack(s) of potatoes! Yes all that is strapped to his bike and side car.

Fulfilling orders by the truckload.

You're lucky to find parking here.

Maybe a century old business. Who buys and sells sacks?!

Toy Vendor in Plaza MIranda (in front of the church)

Is it a store or warehouse? its both!

Cartilla land. Operators are maybe the most hardworking folks I've seen. Beneath their gangsta skin are actually warm and friendly souls.

Vagrants are a common sight.

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